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Personal & Professional Success Rituals
Online Course

Sick of feeling like less than you were meant to be?



As early as RIGHT NOW you will learn to

  • Master phenomenal professional performance


  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance


  • Avoid burnout


  • While also working on personal goals




Automatically - Like you are on autopilot

Use the power of your unconscious mind to build habits that:

  • Start off small and slow

  • With ample opportunity to practice and make permanent

  • Build in power, and build in concentric circles


  • That fit together like a puzzle

Inject Balance Into Your Personal & Professional Life Today


Presented by Pierre Moolman, professional hypnotist, author, father & husband
and founder of Woodbridge Hypnosis


Hypnotists are people with a passion for people. We have a burning desire to help you reach your full potential.

We all start off on this journey as a hobby first. After years of practice on a part time basis, if we're successful, we get to a cross roads: Continue working part time, or take the plunge, walk away from a full time, well paying day job, and be a professional hypnotist. It's a high risk, high reward scenario, and scary as hell.

Here's my point: I bring with me all my life's experience in the corporate world. My background is in audit, tax and advisory. As any auditor or business consultant can tell you, we're talking about a cut throat, high paced environment where the tough survive only because they adapt fast and get going when the going gets tough.

One of my strong points from my previous professional life is performance management - of people I mentored inside and outside the firm, as much as my own performance. It's my professionalism and work ethic which brought our family all the way from Sunny South Africa to Snowy Toronto, Canada, on an employer sponsored relocation. I am extremely grateful for that opportunity, but at the same time, and at the risk of sounding like a jerk (to put it bluntly) I also appreciate the fact that this was only possible because of my hard work and dedication; my high performance.

I may not have personal experience in your particular industry, but I know what it's like to have extremely long TO-DO lists in very, very limited time to get through everything. I know what it means to be over-worked. I know what it's like to fail. I know what it requires to succeed. I know what it is like to shoot the lights out and exceed expectations. And I know how to do all this and avoid burnout, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and without neglecting your own self in the process.

I know how to stop coping and surviving, and start living! How to regain a sense of joy in your job. How to recharge, reset and supercharge every moment of every tough working day. How to be in the moment with family. How to take care of my mental health and wellbeing while also taking care of the bottom line of the business. 

When you connect with me, you connect with an experienced professional in a high performance industry.

Greatness lies within each of us. This inspired me to design this course for you, with practical steps for you to master exceptional professional performance while maintaining a healthy work life balance.


You will start working on your personal development goals and aspirations at the same time

Here's What You Get:

e-Books for 4 modules
($108 in value)

Worksheets for each module to anchor the lessons
($54 in value)

Bonus #1: Exercises & Goal Setting Tips
Bonus #2: Exercise Track & Cheat Sheets

($125 in value)

Guided meditation for when you need it most
($125 in value)

15 Uncommon MicroHabits eBook
($27 in value)

Bi-Weekly MicroHabits Reminders, Tips & Tricks
($497 in value)

And much more!


You'll never guess, but deep inside you is Little You
who looks back at your achievements in life and


What do you think
Little You sees in you?

Your Higher Self is Just Waiting
For You To Make That Small Change
To Reach Your Best Potential


It doesn't take grand gestures or huge lifestyle changes to create something amazing! Unleash your power within. With a little guidance from this course, you will make small, manageable changes over a period of four weeks that will have a massive impact from day one!


What's In It for YOU:

Daily Foundation

A set of tiny habits so that you have phenomenal success everyday. Begin today to build daily rituals for a solid foundation and includes:

  • how to condition empowering emotions

  • how to find, learn and reinforce mindset lessons

  • how to build short- and long-term goals, both professional and personal

  • how to measure and celebrates successes

  • how to identify areas of improvement

  • how to then improve


This sets you up for an explosive start to every day! 

Energy Maintenance

A set of further tiny habits that will ensure you have energy on tap, and include:

  • how to identify, maximize and tap into your mental, emotional and physical energy

  • how to discover the power of focus and presence

  • how to let go of a "worry want" complex

  • how to implement practical steps to maintain energy when the going gets tough

This is how you'll find and exploit your energy sweet spot, so that you can have energy on tap and make every day a great success, at home and at work!

Explosive Daily Start

Build on the success of before to include a new set of tiny habits that will ensure you have an explosive start to every task and that includes:

  • how to identify priorities

  • how to keep you focused

  • how to establish and build momentum

  • how to maximize your daily effort

  • how to condition yourself for action 

Because you'll have an explosive start not only to the day but to every task during a jam-packed powerful day, you WILL exceed your own expectations, not to mention the expectations that others have of you, like your boss and/or your clients, as well as your spouse or life partner.

Without meaningful balance, there's no joy in your life!

Recharge and Reset

Avoid burnout by building the final set of tiny habits that will ensure you reach your full potential as fast as possible while also maintaining a healthy balance in your personal life, and include:

  • how to maximize your personal time

  • how to see priorities in a brand new way

  • how to identify and maximize down time activities

These are the final set of puzzle pieces to fall into place that will let that creative coffee pot between your ears percolate creative thoughts to tackle short- and long-term challenges, instead of letting those challenges and your mindset derail your success!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You will have ample opportunity to practice each of the foolproof tips and strategies covered in 45 lessons over 4 weeks. If you do the exercises, you will drastically improve your professional performance while maintaining healthy work-life balance.


In the unlikely event that you follow the steps and you are still not satisfied, I will gladly return your investment. That is how confident I am that these rituals work.

How do I know? I only teach you what has worked for me personally, backed by experience of those that I mentored in the past and present.

Extra Bonuses

I share a lot of extras throughout the process that you will use as tips and cheats,shortcuts and templates and ... the list goes on ...

Let's not kid around. It is a lot to work through.


With a lot of tiny details that I cannot over emphasize because you shouldn't overlook the details.


As you know, the devil is always in the details.​ In the next four weeks, you will learn skills and abilities that will amaze you with your boundless energy, your level of motivation, and the strong self-discipline and drive that

you will create for yourself.


And you will wonder:

"Why hasn't anyone ever showed me this stuff?"

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