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The Full Story: Methods and techniques for everyday challenges

Woodbridge Hypnosis

2020 was a year that changed our lives forever in ways that we still discover. It's also the year in which my circumstances and interests, motivations and, very importantly, my family's support, led to the creation of Woodbridge Hypnosis.

If you haven't seen the video yet wherein I talk about my background (titled "What if You Could Take Control", above), I have a background in business consulting and I am exceptional at that. But just because I was really good at that, didn't mean I had to continue doing just that for the rest of my adult life. No, there were other areas of my life that presented greater appeal to me and it took a lot of courage, and admittedly, even more convincing, that it was the right time to move on to bigger and more important things.

At the moment, I am completing a contract with my current employer and the conclusion thereof, I will devote my life to this work. Many people find it somewhat off-putting to work with a coach who does this on a part time basis, for reasons that I fully understand. The truth is though that most life coaches started on a part time basis and gradually moves into doing it on a full time basis. And so I believe my clients have the right to know this up front about me so that they can make an informed decision as to whether I am a good fit for them.

I became interested in hypnosis by accident when I stumbled onto an e-book in the late 90's. I couldn't believe that the magical abilities of our subconscious mind, was kept a secret, kept hidden from us. It was difficult to find anyone I knew who could tell me anything about hypnosis - apart from what they saw on TV. My investigations led me on a long and winding path to certification as a lay hypnotherapist, with membership with the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

My hypnotherapy certification included specialization in pain management, and for the fun of it, I later specialized in past-life regression just because I didn't know what I believed at the time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

As a lay hypnotist, I do not have any medical training and naturally, I am not allowed to practice any therapy in the conventional sense, nor can I issue or confirm any medical diagnosis. From my ethical standpoint, I make that crystal clear to each and every client that I consult.

I recently refreshed my training with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, on the most up to date, scientific and evidence based techniques. I'm also recently certified to offer the Virtual Gastric Band program.

I continue to work with, and for, every day clients that have every day challenges and I help them achieve exceptional results.

I have a passion for helping people evaluate their lives, identifying where they would rather be, and teaching them how to bridge the gap.

My name is Pierre Moolman, and I am your professional Hypnotist.


I am your host and guide, your professional Hypnotist, Pierre Moolman.

I am on a mission to teach you the natural skills and abilities you need to achieve goal after goal and success on success.

I am talking about self-hypnosis, autogenic training, guided meditation, creative visualization, imagination exercises - it is not important what you call it. Because even though these are slightly different skills that you can master at different levels, and use for slightly different purposes, they are more alike than not. Well, at least for the purposes that you will learn this natural talent that we all have.

So... in a way, self-hypnosis, autogenic training, guided meditation, creative visualization, imagination exercises, these are like different keys on a single key chain. And to ride the analogy to its natural conclusion, like a set of keys, your set of skills that you will learn here, will open doors, or keep you safe, depending on what the key is used for.


I want to change things up.

  • To become the world's leading authority on self-hypnosis and guided meditative imagination exercises in  COVID19-new-normal world.

  • To bring these skills to the masses, in the virtual world that has become our reality. In easily digestible and practical formats. Using technology in ways not yet imagined.

  • To elevate our experience and understanding of the power of our subconscious mind. To empower everyone to bring about meaningful change that has direct, immediate, and positive impact for every person connected on the internet.

Conventionally, a hypnotist practices from an office. Be this for stop-smoking, weight loss or to break another habit, or coping/alleviating fears, or improving performance. And usually, not always, the intervention strategy requires several sessions spanning several weeks. The client would also get an audio recording and be told to listen to it at least once a week. But, usually, clients rarely do. Because the recordings are often badly done, or the track is too long, and/or the audio becomes repetitive after            the 2nd or 3rd listening.

One of the biggest changes that COVID19 introduced into the life coaching profession, is remote/virtual sessions, over Skype/Zoom/Facetime/Google Meet. At first, this was difficult and required a little out-of-the-box thinking to make it work. It also required getting out of your own comfort zone as a practitioner to be able to do virtual sessions as good and as great as your in-person sessions used to be.

The successes that resulted from virtual sessions demonstrated to us all what we always thought: that in-person sessions are not necessary, because the   post-hypnotic changes occurred in the client's mind,     and not in the hypnosis chair.

We also saw guided hypnosis or meditation audio recordings double and sometimes triple in 2020 and 2021 because of a high demand driven by the strain that Covid19 lockdowns had on our mental health.

Yet, audio recordings, that are also a form of a virtual session, do not have similar results. Perhaps it is because, very often, the only interaction that someone has with hypnosis or meditation, is limited to a downloaded self-hypnosis audio recording or YouTube video, that may have been created for a specific client in mind and therefore of less value to anyone else. Or they may be listening to it only half-heartedly.

Then it dawned on me one day as I was putting together an audio program for one of my clients: If the virtual hypnosis session works perfectly, even though the client never entered my office, something must be missing from audio recordings. And I wondered, what can I do to make it more effective?

I believe I identified the missing ingredient, the missing link: Unlike in an audio recording, a hypnosis session includes interaction with the hypnotized client. The passivity in audio recordings, was a disadvantage. So what was missing in audio recordings, was the client's engagement. And two-way dialogue.

In short: What is missing, is the "self" in self-hypnosis and self-guided meditation. And I believe, I found the way to bridge the gap. And I am on a mission, to achieve my vision.

Recent Certifications

I recently upgraded my certification and education since landing in Canada in December 2018. I sought far and wide to find what I was looking for: Refreshing my training with institutions that demonstrate they subscribe to the latest science backed theories and practice

Certificate Sep 2021 - Virtual Gastric Band
Certificate Sep 2021 - ICBCH Certified Professional Hypnotist
Certificate Sep 2021 - ICBCH Membership
Certificate Sep 2021 - WSH Hypnosis Practitioner
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