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Here's What Readers Said:

"MicroHabits was an easy read. Once I started reading it, I was unable to put it down, I just had to finish it. I found the examples in each chapter helpful and very practical."

"When my company decided to close our offices in Johannesburg, I was faced with very difficult decisions. Closing the office would not just change my daily routine and working environment, it also meant change in my personal life. I was not prepared for these changes, I was scared and overwhelmed, but I had to do it and it was hard. Had I read MicroHabits at that time, I would have been able to handle these changes in a less painful manner."

"I was able to see myself in this book, it felt like the author was writing about me and all the changes I have and still will have to deal with in my life. He managed to share very important facts and information with his readers in a plain and simple way.

Reading MicrohHabits made me realise that change does not have to be painful and hard, it can even be fun."

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