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Science of Hypnosis – Deeper Dive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I list the commonly asked questions in no particular order. Feel free to let me know what questions you may have?

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Is Hypnosis Safe?

What's the Difference Between Hypnosis and Meditation?

When is the Best Time to do Self-Hypnosis?

Where is the Best Place to do Self-Hypnosis?

What is Too Little or Too Much Self-Hypnosis?

How Long Should Your Session Be?

Is Sitting or Lying Down Better for Self-Hypnosis?

What if I Can't Wake-up

from Hypnosis?

Would Distractions and Interruptions be BAD for Hypnosis?

How do I Deal with Distractions & Interruptions?

How Should I Deal with Runaway Thoughts?

How will I KNOW Whether I am Hypnotized?

How will I Know Whether I am Hypnotized Deep Enough or Long Enough?

What if I Cannot Visualize Well in Self-Hypnosis?

What if I Dislike Affirmations?

Can Self-Hypnosis be Used For


What does the Research Say About Whether Hypnosis Works?

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