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Science of Hypnosis – Deeper Dive

Why Self-Guided Self-Hypnosis

In this section we will talk about what self-hypnosis can be used for. Yes, it is a very powerful tool and we’re going to unpack a few examples of that here. But at the same time, hypnosis is not a cure all, and obviously, self-hypnosis as a sub-set of that, will be further limited, as I will also unpack a bit here.


Because it goes without saying that there are certain things in life that no amount of happy thoughts will achieve. Which, by the by, is not what self-hypnosis is, but I am just saying. So let’s be real.


  • Some issues can be overcome only with professional care and assistance.

  • Some things need medication and medical intervention.


So why self-guided self-hypnosis, or imagination exercises?


  • Because it is a natural state, a natural ability of the mind, that we underutilize. Why not start to use it?

  • Because not enough people know anything useful about self-hypnosis. Least of all, teachers, who are best placed to bring this to the world.

  • And because, self-hypnosis is very powerful and you can use it to achieve great things. Don’t take only my word for it. Look at some of the studies that I highlight on the page, “Does Hypnosis Work?” 


Imagine for a second, what if it’s true that whatever we say can be achieved with self-hypnosis, can be done?


Or what if only half that is real? Well, even if self-hypnosis can achieve only half of all of that, it is still a lot.


Now imagine little Johnny that I told a story about elsewhere, he practices self-hypnosis. And he achieves some of those goals that he may have - maybe he is not diligent enough, but at least he achieves some good results. That’s great, right? Because without self-hypnosis, if he ever achieves anything, it would be by hard work and dedication alone. Or maybe some luck as well. But imagine there he is and he achieves some results with self-hypnosis, and maybe it’s only mediocre results.

And because right now, self-hypnosis is under-utilized in the world, imagine now, that every single living person with sufficient intellect, does the same, with even the same mediocre level of success. Imagine what that world would look like... 


That is why, I am on a mission to bring Self-Guided Self-Hypnosis to you.


The change starts with me. And now with you. 


Together, we can build a world where more people achieve their goals. And not only that, but in a way that is a lot easier, a lot faster, and permanent. Even if it is only mediocre results. Which yours won’t be, by the way, because you will be following my step-by-step process. But again, I’m just saying, even if it is only mediocre results. And once we all realize how easy it was to achieve that one goal, we can start working on another goal.

Can you imagine how quickly, the world becomes a different place? And even if you don’t care about the world, and you just focus on what you can achieve in your own life, you will be amazed by what you can do. 


But here’s the thing: You are not here to learn how to have mediocre results. You are here to achieve something great, something marvelous. And to achieve it without so much sweat and tears that you don’t enjoy the journey to greatness. Now, when you are truly ready, let’s finally talk about those things that you can start to build in your life.

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