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Science of Hypnosis – Deeper Dive FAQ

How do I deal with distractions & interruptions in a self-hypnosis session?

Let me firstly say that if you need to scratch an itch, or cough, or change your position, while in a session, you can go ahead and do that. So that’s no problem at all. 


And like with anything else in life, it is easy to be interrupted or distracted. Hypnosis requires a high level of focus and concentration - especially in the beginning when you still learn how to do it quickly and effortlessly. So at first, it is quite easy to become distracted. 


In a hetero-hypnosis session with a hypnotist, the hypnotist will pick up when you become distracted, and would be there to rein your attention and focus back in. In a self-hypnosis session, where it’s you and you alone in the hypnosis session, it would be a little difficult to regain focus. But it’s not impossible. 


Have you ever had to snap out of a daydream to refocus on an important task? It will take the same level of conscious effort to regain focus and control in self-hypnosis. So no, it’s not impossible and you already have a lot of experience doing exactly that.


It’s just that, it’s human to give up on something new, like painting, or writing, and yes, a new skill like self-hypnosis, when you become distracted. But keep at it. Find a better time. Create a better space. And get back to it as soon as you can. Immediately after the distraction is resolved is the best time to get back into it. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses.


So avoid having things going on around you that you may find distracting. Like your mobile device and the like. It’s easy to put it away. But I think it becomes clear to you that anything can distract you and even interrupt your session. Which is a good thing too, because you will be instantly wide awake and fully alert in an emergency - so no worries there.


With time and experience, you will become better at it to be less distracted by the things in your environment. But at first, practice self-hypnosis in a quiet and peaceful place, away from distractions like mobile devices.

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