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Science of Hypnosis – Deeper Dive FAQ

Can Self-Hypnosis be Used For <Fill-the-Blank>? What is Hypnosis Not Good for?

Yes but maybe no. Because yes, self-hypnosis is a powerful tool. But perhaps no because it’s not the only tool. And perhaps not even the best tool either. Yes, it’s like a hammer. You can nail anything down, but not everything needs to be nailed down. And if it doesn’t need a nail, the hammer is not always useful.


Ok, so this started off real silly, but it’s not a silly question to ask: What is hypnosis good for?


Instead of giving you a long list of great uses for hypnosis, in broad strokes, hypnosis is good for anything that has a conscious or even unconscious behavior and/or a thought process behind it. Thoughts can be influenced with hypnosis. A conscious behavior can be changed with conscious effort and hypnosis can reduce the conscious effort required. An unconscious behavior can be influenced even more effectively with hypnosis.


What hypnosis is not easily going to fix, are those things that have physiological or medical causes. This includes mental illnesses too. But there are a few exceptions where hypnosis has shown to have great value in medical issues, from pain management to irritable bowel and other syndromes, too many to list.


The list of what it's good for changes as the studies and research comes out.

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