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MicroHabits - Track to Attack by Pierre Moolman

MicroHabits - Track to Attack by Pierre Moolman

The most effective way to improve your life is to establish good habits and stick to them. Researchers have found that nearly half your daily actions are driven by habit, from your morning routine to how much exercise you get and the way you approach tasks.


Establishing and maintaining good habits needn’t be as much of challenge as it is, when you take Pierre's micro-habit approach. Instead of having big goals like ‘get fit,’ or ‘lose weight’ or even ‘get a new job,’ learn to break them down into smaller more achievable goals. Treat your personal goals as if they were work projects. And learn how to hack this to make it an unconscious outcome, as if you are on autopilot, like you are hypnotized!


This book is part of a series that, together, will guide you to work out what steps you need to take to succeed. If you don’t know where you’ve been, then how do you know you’re still on the right path to where you want to go?

In this instalment, you will see how tracking MicroHabits make sense. By creating a record of your accomplishments you’ll not only stay more motivated, but you’ll have a solid idea of your progress – and can keep on track for your goals. This process works particularly well with MicroHabits, mostly because they’re so small that your progress is almost unconscious from the start, so it’s doubly important to keep track.


Get this book to get the tips and trick to make this easy.

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