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S/R: 4. Recharge by P Moolman - (c) 2022

S/R: 4. Recharge by P Moolman - (c) 2022

This book is part of the Personal Success Rituals series (S/R). It comprises these four modules: Daily Foundation; Explosive Start; Energy Maintenance; and Recharge. In this instalment, we're going to be talking about a very important concept for high-achieving people just like yourself: having a recharge or a renewal phase in your life.


This is something that a lot of people who have a lot of stuff they want to achieve, very often forget to do. If this is something that resonates with you, this book is a good fit for you. Even though we understand this, we still don’t focus on reset and recharge as another priority in our daily lives.


But why is it that recharging and renewing is something that we put aside? It’s simple, really. The idea of hard work towards our goals, is something that we can be proud of. Often, we can overdo this. We go overboard to the point where we get diminished returns from our efforts. Which makes it a wasted effort!


What you want to do here, instead, is to bring your consciousness back to the importance of having a recharge phase or renewal phase. And not only as a once off, but to start building it in as a success ritual. So that you regain balance. So that when you are working, you are fully productive to maximize your efficiency for long-term success.

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