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S/R: 1. DailyFoundation by P Moolman -  (c) 2022

S/R: 1. DailyFoundation by P Moolman - (c) 2022

This book is part of the Personal Success Rituals series (S/R) that I also developed into an online course. It comprises these four modules: Daily Foundation; Explosive Start; Energy Maintenance; and Recharge.


In this instalment, we're going to be talking about setting up a foundation for daily success in your life. Not just from an action & implementation perspective but also from a mindset perspective.


Why are rituals important? Well, a ritual is an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set, precise manner. But what does that really mean?


A ritual is something you do without all that much conscious effort. That is where success rituals become so important. It is how you create elements or stable points in your life that you will follow-through on, and you will act upon, without necessarily needing to consciously think about it constantly.


This book will help you develop rituals that will guarantee that you follow-through on the actions required to take you in the direction that you want to go. Establish your daily foundation for success.

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