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Science of Hypnosis – Deeper Dive FAQ

What about my position when I practice self-hypnosis? Should I be sitting, be lying down, what?

Some self-hypnosis sessions would run for several minutes, maybe as much as an hour. Especially where you use guided audio programs. So in that case, be prepared. Find a comfortable position that would support your natural posture. Like your neck and your head. Your arms. 


Most self-guided self-hypnosis wouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes or so. In fact, my goal is to show you how to practice it in shorter and shorter sessions so that eventually you won’t take more than just a few minutes at a time.

Self-hypnosis should fit into your lifestyle and fit in quickly. Sure, at first it will take you a bit of time and practice to get it right, but once you know how, you’ll do it easily and quickly.

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