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While you wait to receive the free ebook, 15 Uncommon MicroHabits by Pierre Moolman, I just want to say ...

Thank You!

As a token of my appreciation,

use this coupon code below to get 50% discount when you purchase

one or both of the other two ebooks in this series:

MicroHabits - 4 Tips & 4 Mistakes by Pierre Moolman


MicroHabits - Track to Attack by Pierre Moolman



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Here's What Readers Say:

"MicroHabits was an easy read. Once I started reading it, I was unable to put it down, I just had to finish it. I found the examples in each chapter helpful and very practical."


"When my company decided to close our offices in Johannesburg, I was faced with very difficult decisions. Closing the office would not just change my daily routine and working environment, it also meant change in my personal life. I was not prepared for these changes, I was scared and overwhelmed, but I had to do it and it was hard. Had I read MicroHabits at that time, I would have been able to handle these changes in a less painful manner.

I was able to see myself in this book, it felt like the author was writing about me and all the changes I have and still will have to deal with in my life. He managed to share very important facts and information with his readers in a plain and simple way."


"Reading MicrohHabits made me realise that change does not have to be painful and hard, it can even be fun."

"An excellent, quick and easy to read guide to make big changes more bearable and ultimately possible without too much effort.  The author provides good examples of how even the smallest change can become a habit which would subsequently aid in making big change possible.  Everyone battles with making changes in their lives, whether it is to quit smoking, shed some weight or just live a better life.  This book can definitely assist most to achieve their goals."

Be sure to send me your review comments, thoughts, opinions, critiques or ... praise... But be sure to download and read it first!

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